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Phone Script to Follow Up with Manager

After your interview and sending a thank you note, your next step is to call the manager to see if a hiring decision has been made. You may want to review some scenarios so that you donít stick your foot in your mouth. We have given you several examples to help you get comfortable with the important follow up phone call.


"Good morning Ms. Morgan. This is Sheri Smith. I wanted to call and thank you for taking time to interview me last week for the sales position. Iím very interested in the position and was wondering if youíve made a decision?"

If the Manager Has Not Yet Made a Decision

If the manager says that he/she has not made the hiring decision yet, follow up with one of these choices (or something similar):

  • "Am I still a candidate that you are considering?"
  • "Would it be okay for me to call back on Friday?"
  • "I really want this position. Would you consider hiring me for a trial period so I can prove that I am capable?"

If You Did Not Get the Job

If the manager tells you that you did not get the job, remember to leave him or her with a positive impression about you. After all, other jobs may be available in the future.

  • "Oh, Iím really sorry to hear that. Thank you for your time and consideration."
  • "I appreciate your time and consideration. I learned a lot about the job and your company during our conversations."
  • "If the person that youíve chosen somehow doesnít work out or another position opens, please call me. Iíd love to come in for another interview."

If You Got the Job

Of course, the best news is when the manager says that you were the successful candidate. In that scenario, be sure to keep the good impression going by saying some thing like:

  • "Incredible! Awesome! This is fantastic. Iím really excited. Thank you!"
  • "Great! When would you like me to start?"
  • "That is great! Iím anxious to start. Should I bring anything with me?"

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